Kicking off your project has never been so easy

Project Manager may not be your job title. But you'll still be asked to manage projects throughout your career. Kickoff will show you how.

The fastest way to kick your project into gear

Kickoff is a free, 45-minute digital course and tool kit that guides you through the basics of project management, so you can effectively launch your project(s) from start to finish.

Kickoff puts you in the driver's seat with...

Bite-Sized Content

There's nothing worse than long, boring lectures. Kickoff is all about short content that just sticks.

Fun Activities

Learning should be fun. That's why Kickoff offers interactive activities to compliment and reinforce the content.

Flexible Learning

No two projects are identical. Kickoff determines which project framework best fits your current needs.

Actionable Templates

It's time to get off the ground. Download proven templates to put your learning into practice immediately.

Questions To Ask

Get the info you need, the first time around. Kickoff equips you with the right questions to ask at any stage of your project.

Anywhere Access

Kickoff is there for you whenever and however you need. Access your project pal on a laptop, phone, tablet—and in several languages.

Why invest 45 minutes
in Kickoff?

Whether you’re a marketing director, business analyst, or student, you’re managing projects on a daily basis—you might just not realize it! Kickoff gives you the tips and tricks to complete your projects on time and within budget.


If project success is your goal, Kickoff is for you.

No matter your role, project management is embedded in your daily work. Click your role below to learn how Kickoff benefits you.

First-Time Project Leader

It doesn't matter if you're a student leading a team assignment or a systems analyst implementing new tech. We're all managing projects, so let's help
ourselves out!

Formal Project Manager

Teams are generally more successful when stakeholders are aligned in processes and terminology. Allow Kickoff to help you get your team on the same page.

Organization Executive

Providing employees or students with the ability to level up into confident and capable project managers in under an hour is a low effort, high reward organizational endeavor.

Kickoff(ers) shine when the team is counting on them.

But don't just take our word for it.

Oliver K.
Program Manager

"Kickoff has enabled us to scale the onboarding of anyone that needs to manage projects. As we see more resources from non-project management backgrounds step quickly into project management roles, I can see us leaning on Kickoff to help us stay the best at what we do."

Rem Z.
Software Engineer

"While I'm a software developer by trade, I'm also responsible for managing the client relationships, budgets, and deadlines associated with the programming. Kickoff gives me the quick pointers and templates I need to better communicate with my clients and keep the projects on the right track ."

Richard M.
Construction Worker

"I work with a rotating crew, so sometimes we're on different pages when it comes to where we left off and what has to get done.  Kickoff helps me with basic project terminology, so I can better understand the plan and communicate it with everyone."

You can't complete a project you don't start.

It only takes 45 minutes to take your project from zero to hero.